My Wish List

I have a program here in front of me from a solo violin concert I attended during the only time I have been to Salzburg.  I was traveling with a group from my church and left them, per my custom, to wander around, and ended up hearing a violinist.  His name was Luz Leskowitz and he was accompanied on the piano by a woman named Tunde Kurucz.

The performers played sonatas by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Debussy.  The playing was fine, but I remember most of all that the audience members clapped between every movement of each piece, much to the exasperation of those on stage.  One would think people from Salzburg would know better, but this audience was not mainly from Austria.  They were tourists who may have been at the concert out of curiosity, but were not acquainted with concert etiquette.  Anyway, the lady at the piano was a fine accompanist, and I left wanting to take a few lessons from her.

One of the tourists, of whose musical acumen I had no knowledge,  was from Heber Springs, Arkansas. We met quite randomly before the concert and she told me she was from there. When I then mentioned the most famous landmark in her hometown, she knew that I had at least visited the place. That thing, which at least a while, put Heber Springs on the map was a “swinging bridge.” I don’t know that anyone from our family actually went on it, but we saw it and knew that it was the pride of Heber Springs, that is until it collapsed and some people were killed falling from it.

Of course, Salzburg is famous for being the birthplace of Mozart, and along with Vienna, is a must-see, musical place in Austria.  There is an apartment in Salzburg that is advertised as Mozart’s home in his early years.  It is on the upper floor of a building in downtown Salzburg, but I did not go in.  Recently I learned a Mozart piano sonata and my appreciation of that most famous child prodigy in western music history was renewed.

“Lauras Wunschzettel” (Laura’s Wish List) is a German movie that I have watched on-line several times that is set in Salzburg.  The movie is a romance set in the modern era, and from what I can tell it provides a satisfying view of various parts of the city.  The story is mostly about a relatively poor woman who meets a rich man, and by the end of the movie they are together.  Of course, the “Sound of Music” spends a precious few minutes in Salzburg, and its scenes in the lovely gardens of the city are easily recognizable.

I would move to Austria in a heartbeat for love, music, and/or money.  Suffice it to say that over here I have those elements in varying amounts.  Perhaps I could gather all three together in a village in Austria.

For now I shall just keep working on my German and practicing piano every day.  I am spending a month in southwest Germany this summer.  Perhaps I shall swing by Austria on a train one weekend with a Wunschzettel of my own.


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