My Initial Blog

Over the past several years I have written a column for my church newsletter.  People seem to like it so I decided to pursue a more frequent venture than just monthly. We shall see how often I contribute to my new blog.

Today is January 6th, which on the liturgical church calendar is the first day of Epiphany.  That really has nothing to do with what is on my mind currently, but learning is what I am all about.  So, if you did not know that today is Epiphany, now you know.

My only New’s Year’s resolution was to listen to no other radio station than WFMT, the classical music station in Chicago, during this calendar year. It may surprise some of you that I have listened elsewhere, but I have.  Given that the news in the United States is so distressing, to say the least, I have decided to ignore it, even at my peril.  WFMT does give a brief summary of the news every now and then so I feel that such will sufficient unto the day, at least for now.

On January 1st I heard Beethoven’s Symphony No. 1, as the station was playing a set of”firsts” on the new year.  I turned on the station in the middle of the piece and knew instantly that it was a Beethoven symphony. However, I should perhaps be ashamed to say, that it was not until the final movement of this symphony began that I knew that it was definitely the great man’s first such work.  I first heard this piece in a music history class taught by Prof. Ronald E. Dean at Centenary College of Louisiana.  Ron’s life is a model of learning and scholarship and I have striven to follow his example. I really enjoyed my four years at Centenary College and will mention other personalities I met there as I continue to blog.

Beethoven was nothing if not a model of persistence.  I have read that when he was 27 years old he fell down and got back up with ringing in his ears.  He would live for 30 more years with hearing problems that eventually led to total deafness.  He could write great music anyway because it was residing in his head.

My writing will not be in the realm of Beethoven’s  music, or anywhere near it as a matter of fact.  However, I do have a few ideas which I would like to share.  For now just know that I travel to Germany just about every summer where I delight in playing the organ in a village church, I am very fond of Sol Gabetta, I read all the time and want to tell you about several books, I have been a church person my whole life, I have lived in the northern suburbs of Chicago for more than 40 years, I do not own a television, I study German and practice piano daily, and a lady who is the inspiration for much of what I do was born in Harlingen, Texas, as I was.  Among the things Miss Perry taught me is the liturgical year, which is why I know that today is the first day of Epiphany.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with anyone who will read them.

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